Wednesday, August 20, 2008

"Environmental" Portrait

Low Angle "Environmental" Portrait

Weekend Ride Along Maryland's Southern Shore

This one was taken of a friend of mine who rode cycles with me while we were attending the NDIC at DIA for a year. We both had 1100cc Yamaha V-star Classics, great machine BTW. I think this is a timeless image even without the sepia tone treatment. I have experience as a portrait studio photographer however my personal taste favors the "environmental" portrait. I find portraits captured of people in their real environment far more interesting than what is captured in the majority of studio portraits you come across. Of course there are masters of human interaction who can capture breathtaking studio portraits, but those photographers are the exception. In my humble opinion a relative rookie, like myself, is much more likely to capture a visually interesting portrait when it is accomplished in the subjects "environment" outside of the studio.

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