Friday, August 22, 2008

Gritty View of Lacledes Landing

Some effort to save a lack luster shooting day.

Gritty View

This is a gritty image of Lacledes Landing in down town St. Louis. Lacledes Landing is a fantastic spot for dinner and people watching. However if you are ever in town in January during an ice storm the place takes on a different look. I played around a bit shooting the steam coming up from vents in the street while I was walking the mostly deserted downtown. Generally this day I was unhappy with what I captured. The image here was worked over a bit in Photoshop Elements. I gave it a grainy feel, like you would see using a high speed B&W film. To me it makes the scene more interesting. I made the entire image black and white with the exception of the tail lights of the car moving away from me in the image. The shallow depth of field (DOF) helps the feel of this image as well. Focus is centered on the man hole cover.

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